Thursday, 15 May 2014

Quick tips - DIY pearlescent water spray

Start with an empty spray bottle. Here I am using a 100mL spray bottle which I bought at Boots. You also need perfect pearls in your chosen colour (Im using Perfect Pearl), a scoop, and some water.
Scoop out a small amount of the perfect pearl powder. I used 3 small scoops because Im using a larger bottle and you can top it up as well. However, you really don't need a lot at all. I only used one scoop for my 50mL bottle and that lasted me several refills.
Add the water. I am only using plain water but if you want to make different colours of spray you can also use food colouring, dylusions, distress reinkers etc.

Replace the lid and shake the bottle. Voila! Pearlescent water spray. Be sure to shake this before each use as the powder will settle at the bottom of the bottle. So far I have no problems with clogging but I expect that if you use too much powder you may have some issues. If this happens run the nozzle under running water and spray clean water through it a couple of times until it works again. If this doesn't work then get a new bottle and don't put so much in! lol.

Here I have used Perfect gold in a 50mL bottle. I only used half a scoop for this one but that's all that was needed. Please make sure you are using the perfect pearls powder that is very smooth. I have done this with a friend using hers and they were not the same consistency and definitely did clog up the spray bottle. The name of them escapes me at the moment but when I find out I will definitely update this post.

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