Thursday, 15 May 2014

Midway Flower Power! - A little bit crafty Dt

Earlier in the month I coloured in a lovely hummingbird image for the flower power challenge over at A little bit crafty. I used my distress pens and watercoloured it which I have really taken to lately. I love the soft look of watercolours and the detail with lack of detail if you know what I mean.

 Since we are still in the flower power month over at A little Bit Crafty, here is another for you!

I was playing around with a gorgeous floral background stamp I have in my collection of beautiful wooden stamps that I rarely use. I really wanted the design to be the main focus in this card but always had a hard time using it as it was a bit busy. Browsing on pinterest and youtube really helps the inspiration though. I know Im not the only one!

So I stamped with embossing ink and clear embossed on watercolour paper, then used my distress pens to colour in the image. I was very messy colouring in and didn't really stay inside the lines. Its also not necessary to colour all the way to the line either. Once I had finished colouring it, I spritzed the whole thing with pearlescent water and just let it sit to dry. Spray generously to get all the colours to blend together. However if some of the colours start to mix and look a bit muddy, just take a bit of paper towel and very lightly just lift some of the puddles. Since this is distress ink you can also rewet it once it has dried which I did as I thought I needed to add a bit more blue because some of the other colours had mixed with it and it wasn't quite as clear as I wanted it to be. The beauty of distress inks!

This was a really quick process from start to finish so I had a bit of fun making a collection of cards using the same technique. It sure does bulk up my finished card stash! Now I just need to start passing them out!

I hope you give this a try as it really is very easy. And again, don't forget to head over to A little Bit Crafty for the challenge as there is still time left!

Thanks for stopping by!

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