Friday, 31 May 2013

Growing pains.…

Obviously as we are a new blog and just getting started, we will be working out the kinks and messing around with the look we have. I will make it easier to comment and I will stick on the follow button! Of course, as that's the whole purpose isn't it??? I hope that you will stick with us through our growing pains and of course if those of you who are experienced bloggers have any tips you could share, we are completely open to them!

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to come and have a look!


Here is a sneak preview of projects I have been working on in the meantime. Enjoy!

Distress ink swatches

The idea....

I started out with just one topper,
and then I bought some more.
I decided that a shoebox would make
an ideal store.

Then as I added inks & pens,
my craft collection grew.
So I bought a roomy plastic crate,
it would last for years, I knew.

Embossing then became my thing,
with powder & a heat gun.
Metallics , tinsels, pearls & clear,
I soon had every one.

By now my lovely plastic crate
was spilling everywhere.
And my glitter glue collection
lay scattered on a chair.

My husband started muttering
& said things had to stop.
So I bought a huge old wardrobe
at the local charity shop.

But after a while,
I couldn't shut the door.
And I put shelves in the spare room
to accommodate yet more.

Our house is now for sale,
something larger being sought.
By the way, did I show you,
The latest stamp I bought!

I found this poem in a craft forum I was browsing. Unfortunately I couldn't find the author but I thought it very appropriate. This has become my life lately. All about crafting. All about the next new thing to play with. I used to have a whole room to my crafting self. Unfortunately I got kicked out because of the baby. Yes I have one of those. Three, in fact. They cut into my crafting time........

Ok, ok, Im just kidding! My kids are my world, I swear! I have the girls (the M&m's) and my boy (little wolverine). For those of you that don't know, Im Samantha, or Sam as most call me. I am a Mexican/American married to a British man with British/Mexican/American children. I moved to England about 4 years ago and my life consists pretty much of taking care of my beautiful babies. I have always been quite crafty and artistic. It runs in my family. When I moved here I found that my mother in law was a crafter and that's when I really got into card making. She bought me my first crafty goodies and is always there to give me advice. Unfortunately her style and mine are quite different so a few of my things just sat there for a while. You know how it is when you have ideas but don't have the supplies and products to make it? See poem above.

Anyway, about a year later I discovered Pinterest. This site can be a blessing and a curse for any crafter! There is so much inspiration on there that without proper precautions, your head might explode! It can go either way, by showing you how to work with what you've got or NEEDING to add more to your collection just so you can finish this one project! That happens to me a lot and I hope to be sharing those projects with you here.

Skipping all that now, I want to share with you an idea I had. I love blogs. I think there are so many wonderfully creative ideas floating around in peoples minds and I think that blogs make it so much easier to pick a persons brain. I often get stuck on one thing and reading about someone else's crafty experiences pretty much always pulls me out of the muck. Ive also had a lot of requests myself for tutorials on some of my projects. Unfortunately, with my precious little ones, it becomes a bit of a challenge (ok a HUGE challenge) to regularly post to a blog. So here is my idea. That a group of us like-minded, same life, same time constraints and mental blockages get together to make one TOTALLY AWESOME crafty blog. I want to have a place where people can check nearly every day and there is always something new. I want there to be something different every time and, as an added bonus, a small group of friends who you might get to know through every kink we may encounter along our way to crafty greatness.

So, here is me. Im sure you will get to know me a tad more (hopefully) if you follow my blog. Our blog. This blog here of my group of potential friends, some of whom I haven't properly met yet. I am still looking for a few more to join me so I hope that in a few days time you will all have new introductory blog posts to read about my new members. And should you be interested in collaborating in our adventure, please let me know. There are still a few spaces open. (Close with my typical winky eye smiley face ;) :)

Thanks for reading.


So here I am. Granted this is old but for now this is the best you get! ;)