Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Hougie Envelope (Tutorial)

I'm a huge fan of my Hougie Board & use it or many things from simple card folding to more complicated project folds. I'm even lucky enough to be on the Hougie Design Team :D One thing I regularly use my Hougie board to make envelopes for cards so I thought I'd make this tutorial to show how I do it. I've started to make 15 cm square cards & don't have any envelopes so it's great to be able to make my own.

It's really easy to do - all you need is 2 sheets of A4 paper & some washi/ paper tape. If you don't have the washi tape you could use strips of patterned paper.

Place your paper on your Hougie and place your card centrally on the paper. Choose the next groove out on either side of the card & score all the way down the length of the paper. Do the Hougie trick.

Turn the card & paper 90 degrees and butt into the corner of the Hougie. Score on the groove below the bottom of the card. Do the Hougie Trick.

Trim the paper so it looks like this

Fold & the basis of the envelope is ready. 

Attach the second sheet of A4 to the top edge of the base with washi tape.

Trim it to give the desired size overlap & cut the edges at an angle.

Fold & Stick the flaps. Use Washi tape to cover the side & bottom edges of the envelope so all the edges match.

If you have envelope glue you can use that on the flaps. Alternatively use a small strip of washi tape.

Nice & easy & you can make envelopes any size you want. 

Lucy x

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