Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hi from Bev!

Good Morning Bloggers
My name is Bev and I run Bee Crafty in Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire with my mum Julie.
I am 30 years old, married to Dave and have two gorgeous girls Abi who is 5 and Kaitlyn who is just coming up on her first birthday (July).
I've always done something crafting usually stamping, I used to get lots of crafty presents for Christmas etc., and mum had an accident and 3 discs fused in her back which meant she had limited mobility some days ,so she started cross-stitching and after that she basically nicked my card making stash to start making cards for her cross stitch , which she then started selling, after that everything kind of snowballed and mum was being asked to source products for other people and in 2001/2 Bee Crafty was born. I was just starting Uni in Plymouth at this time and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science.
I worked in call centres whilst I was searching for a science job,  and, I came home one day and asked mum if I could have a go at building her a website, I also offered to do her paper work so she snapped me up, that was 8 years ago February just gone, lots has changed but I still LOVE what I do.
Last year we started designing and making our own stamps and now have lots of ranges which are always growing as I can't stop thinking about NEW additions, I do have a small range based on my girls called "Abi Grace & Kaitie Mai" and I'm just working on some new designs for those, as well as don't shout NEW Christmas.
Stamping is probably my favourite thing to do, it's just so versatile with the results you can achieve, and you can use it on all papercraft projects. I make cards, twinchies, ATC's, 3D projects, scrapbook pages, whatever really takes my fancy, my main problem is usually getting my ideas from brain to reality, but if in doubt grab some Distress or Dylusions and everything will be okay :)
So I think that's me really, can't wait to start crafting for Sam's New Blog too :)
x x Bev x x

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