Friday, 14 June 2013

A Really Useful way to store you Promarkers

I've been looking for the prefect storage for my growing collection of Promarker Pens for a while now. I initially had them in a set of small drawers from Poundland but my collection soon outgrew them and I wanted a more organised way of storing them. A friend showed me this solution for Copics & I decided to adapt it for my Promarkers. This is the result:

Several people have asked me for instructions so here goes.

You will need:

1 - Koi Carp Filter Grid.
       - this comes in 16" x 27" sheets & can be found on Ebay

       - one sheet is enough to make one storage box (2 sheets gives enough for 3 storage
       - You can get it in either square or diamond cut. There's very little difference in how
          many pens you can house. I used the diamond cut.

2 - 9l Really Useful Box - this will hold the Promarkers nicely. If you want to put the lid on 
      to transport your Promarkers buy the 9XL Really Useful Box as this has a taller lid.

3 - Marker Pen 

4 - Snips from the tool box

5 - Stanley Knife

  • Line the koi filter grid on top of your RUB & with a marker pen mark where you need to cut.
  • Use your snips to cut the grid where you've marked. Remember it's better to cut it slightly too big then trim it down later rather than cut it too small.
  • Use your stanley knife to trim it exactly to size. Check it as you go. I cut mine as a snug fit so it holds itself in place in the box without the need for fixings. If yours doesn't fit snuggly you could always use silicone or similar to hold it in place.
  • Repeat to make the second layer of the grid making sure the holes in the grid match up to the holes in the first piece so the Promarkers will sit straight.
  • Put the first layer of grid into the Really Useful Box & push it down until it's about 1 inch from the bottom. Make sure it's level.

  • Add the second layer pushing it in about an inch from the top of the box.

  • Add your Promarkers & you're good to go

The exact number of pens you can fit in will depend on where you cut the grid. On the first one I made I left the black edging attached which was nice and easy but I realised it took up an extra row that I could be filling with pens so when I remade it I cut the edging off & was also careful where I made the cuts on the top & bottom too. It's only a small difference but might be important to you. 

With the Black Edging attached                                                    Trimmed on all sides

I've created blank grids for both versions and a layout guide for the version without the black edges. 

You can download them from the links below, print them & colour them in so you have a reference guide.

Hope you find it useful

Lucy x

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  1. Sounds like a great idea and a certain big craft shop has RU boxes at 3 for 2 at the moment :) Brenda Ratcliffe (have no idea about selecting profile so just guessing!


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