Thursday, 6 June 2013

......and a huge hello from me.......

.....on this beautiful day WOW, looks like Summer may well and truly be on its way Woohoo :)

My name is Alysha known as Aly to all my friends and family. I am 40 this year (gulp) happily married to Paul who gives me money to satisfy my crafty obsession. I have 3 children, Louise 20, Hayley 19 and the apple of my eye Charlie who is 13.

I have been crafting for about 8 years I have a very eclectic crafting style, I get bored very easily so I tend to bounce from one type of crafting to another. I love paper crafting, card making, stamping, parchment craft, water coloring, Fimo and clay making, pottery, dressmaking and small animals and toy making and jewelry making  PHEW there is soooooo much!

I do like to have a go at everything cause if I dont then I feel I will have "missed out" lol

I have a blog too - Simply Angelic Crafts that I maintain a couple of times a month. Being a contributor here means I can kick start doing more bloggy stuff and more projects I have so many ideas I even wake up in the night and think "ooh yes I will try that out", or when I go shopping and see a nice pattern I think "oooh that would make a lovely backing paper" mmm obsessed much do you think? lol 

I hope to let you get to know me a bit better over the coming months as I post in here

I am off to sit in the sun for a bit so for now, tallyho!

Hugs Aly xxx


  1. You sound as bad as me Aly!! I just HAVE to try a bit of everything :) If only there was more time! :)
    Michelle x


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